Attributes unique to St. Mary School included in tuition…

Love with Devotion…Learn with Passion…Lead with Faith…

  • Full time teacher dedicated to art instruction in our beautiful studio specifically designed for creating art.
  • Full time teacher dedicated not only to music education, but also to providing musical instrument lessons and conducting band & choir in our music room complete with a baby grand piano, drums and more.
  • Full time teacher dedicated to science instruction in our state of the art science room.
  • Computer instruction in our well-equipped computer lab with a 1:1 computer to student ratio.
  • Full time enrichment instructor providing additional resources needed by students in our dedicated enrichment center.
  • Spanish language instruction beginning with Transitional Kindergarten.
  • Full time counselor providing student support in all aspects of student life.
  • With over 60 years of history at St. Mary School, we welcome you to explore our campus.

Selecting the right school can be one of the most important life-decisions for your son or daughter.  We’re here to support and provide answers to the questions you or your student might have about St. Mary School.  Once through the admission process, we will continue to work with you to provide a smooth transition to campus. Together with you, we will make the most of the St. Mary School experience for your son or daughter.

The best way to know if St. Mary School is the right fit for you is to visit our gorgeous campus in the heart of East Sacramento.

Plan a visit to St. Mary School.