Our School Mission

As a ministry of St. Mary Parish, guided by the life of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, we love with devotion, learn with passion and lead with faith.


The philosophy of St. Mary School is rooted in the person of Jesus and we view Catholic education as an expression of the mission entrusted by Him to the Church. We support the goals of the Bishops of the United States: Message, Service, and Community. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. The teachers, staff, and community of St. Mary Elementary School complement and enhance the role of the parents, providing an environment that integrates Catholic values with a strong academic program. We are dedicated to educating children to contribute to the common good by becoming active and caring members of the communities, cities, and nation in which they live. Grounded in the spirit of the Gospel, we seek to foster a loving and supportive environment where each individual is accepted and encouraged to grow.

Statement of Purpose and Expectations for St. Mary Elementary School

At the Baptism of their child, Catholic parents made a solemn commitment to God to “bring their child up in the knowledge and practice of faith.” To assist parents in fulfilling their commitment, parishes have often established schools to supplement the work of parents and pastors.

A Catholic parish school finds its justification in the great mission of the Church to spread knowledge and faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Such a school is based on an educational philosophy in which faith, culture, and life are brought into harmony. Through school, the local parish evangelizes, educates, and contributes to the formation of a healthy and morally sound lifestyle among its members.

St. Mary School was built and is supported by the people of St. Mary’s Church in Sacramento in order to provide the children of St. Mary’s Parish an education rooted in Catholic religious faith and practice. Research has shown that parents who provide active support of their children contribute more to their child’s success than those who provide only passive support.

The primary purpose of St. Mary School is to provide a Catholic education to the children of St. Mary’s Parish. Supporting members of the parish, who are active, practicing Catholic, have a primary claim to the benefits to the school for their children.

Practicing, supportive, and active members are those who give support to their children by regularly attending services at St. Mary’s Church, living their lives according to Catholic teaching, contributing to the general work of the parish through regular weekly contributions, and taking an active part in the works of the parish, including, but not limited to school activities.

Catholic parents who are supporting, active, and practicing members of another Catholic parish will be considered for admission on the basis of weighted criteria and available openings.

Parents not supporting and active in any Catholic parish, or non-Catholics, may also be considered for admission based on actual educational costs per student.

Love with Devotion

Respect and care for each other permeate St. Mary School. We foster a safe, loving and supportive environment where each individual is accepted and encouraged to grow. Our Community Service program teaches students to reach out to the disadvantaged and to give of themselves. We work in partnership with parents and family to educate the whole child.

Learn with Passion

Academic excellence is the hallmark of a St. Mary School education. We challenge students to the highest academic standards built upon the foundation of Christ’s love. In addition to core classes in math, reading and language arts, we offer a rich curriculum that includes music instruction, science and technology, art, foreign language, history and religious instruction. Our Resource Program challenges accelerated learners and provides assistance to those needing extra help. Students leave St. Mary School well prepared for continued academic success, with 98% of our students attending Catholic high schools.

Lead with Faith

Faith and spiritual development are integrated throughout our curriculum. We provide well-rounded opportunities for our students to recognize the presence of Christ in their lives, and to relate Gospel teachings to their own lives and actions. Children prepare for the sacraments, attend mass weekly, and learn about their Catholic heritage and culture. Students are encouraged to recognize and choose Christian values and to develop a deep sense of the presence of God in their lives.

Welcome to Our Parish

St. Mary Catholic Parish serves the greater Christian community of East Sacramento. We invite you into our community, as a visitor or as a regular parishioner, as we proclaim and celebrate together our salvation through Jesus Christ.

Diocese of Sacramento

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento serves 20 counties of northern California.