St. Mary’s Athletic Program is dedicated to the physical and Christian development of the students. The Athletic Program offers a variety of sports activities, which are organized through the Parochial Athletic League (PAL).

Membership on a sports team requires acceptable behavior at all times–good sportsmanship, respect for coaches, players, and officials during games and practices.  Participation in sports is to supplement the academic program.  Participation in the program requires attendance at all practices and games as required by athletic coaches.

Athletes are expected to…

  • Put forth 100% effort at practices and games.

  • Attend practices unless excused by a written note from parents.

  • Use the equipment provided by the Athletic Department with respect.

Return each of these completed documents to the front office.
Student Athlete Contract
Athletics Medical and Emergency Form
Doctor Medical Release


St. Mary School encourages the participation of all students who are interested in competing on a school sponsored athletic team.  It is our belief that this participation will provide these students with the opportunity to learn new athletic skills and develop an appreciation of the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline in an environment promoting religious, educational, and athletic values.  It is our intent that these skills will provide each participating student with an understanding of the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline in everyday life both now and in the child’s future.

Player Eligibility

For many students, sports are the only motivating force in their lives.  Often times, those students having difficulty in school will do much better in their classes when they have the encouragement and support of their coaches and their teammates.  It is important that we remember that students are at St. Mary’s to get a good education.  They are Student Athletes at St. Mary’s.  Their first priority is their education.


“Coaches should ask themselves whether or not anyone would identify them with Jesus Christ because of the way he coaches.” “The Athletic Director must keep in mind that the top priorities of the school – the school’s religious mission and its academic program – always takes precedence over athletics.” Fr. Richard McGrath, OSA, Ph.D.

The Athletic Director appoints coaches to a team. Like all other volunteers at St. Mary, coaches are required to have:

  • Department of Justice Fingerprint Certification

  • Safe Haven Certification

  • Bloodborne Pathogen In-Service Certification

  • Positive Coaches’ Alliance Certification

Conduct of Players During Games and Practice

Athletes are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all games and practices.  Athletes are expected to represent St. Mary School in a manner that exemplifies pride and respect.

Conduct of Parents and Fans

Coaches are responsible for ensuring that parents and fans that are not on the coaching staff are letting the coaches do their job.  The coach is the leader of the team; therefore, athletes are expected to follow his/her directions during both practices and games.  Parents need to refrain from coaching unless they have been asked to do so by the Athletic Director and Head Coach. While we welcome and encourage parent support and enthusiasm, we ask you to remain as spectators during games.  Any opinions and suggestions from you will be welcomed and considered by the coach; however, never on the playing field or gym while the coach is supervising students.


At the end of the fall season and again after Winter/Spring seasons, the school will sponsor an Awards Night.  All athletes, their parents, and families are invited to attend. The school will provide all the awards presented at the night of the ceremony.  Parents and Coaches may not present awards to students outside of these school-represented awards.


Practice times should not be over 2 hours in length.

Emergency Forms

All participants must have on file: Athletics Medical and Emergency Form and Health Verification for School Athletic Program Form, filled out and in the possession of the coach prior to their first practice.

Insurance Verification Forms

Each coach is responsible for ensuring that all drivers have a completed and submitted Insurance Verification Form on file with the school.

Medical Release (Physicals)

All athletes MUST have on file with the school a Medical Release Form filled out and signed by their doctor before attending practices.  We ask that students be given a complete physical every year.

Fall LeaguesDivisions
Flag Football Varsity BoysGrades 6-8
Volleyball JV GirlsGrades 5-6
Volleyball Varsity GirlsGrades 7-8
Cross Country Co-EdGrades 5-8

Winter LeaguesDivisions
Basketball Little DribblersGrades 1-4
Basketball JV GirlsGrades 5-6
Basketball JV BoysGrades 5-6
Basketball Varsity GirlsGrades 7-8
Basketball Varsity BoysGrades 7-8

Spring LeaguesDivisions
Volleyball Varsity BoysGrades 6-8
Golf Co-EdGrades 5-6
Flag Football Varsity GirlsGrades 6-8
Track & Field Co-EdGrades 5-8