St. Mary School relies on parents participating in service to the school, and participation in supporting the  many activities, events and fundraisers presented by our school.

Leadership roles exist with participation in one of these two groups:

  • Parent Club – All parents of St. Mary students are members of the Parent Club (PC).
  • Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC) –Members are selected and serve as an advisory board to the pastor and principal.

Parents work together to raise annual funds through fundraising activities that are in place to keep tuition rates down.

Fundraising Credit: Families are required to raise a minimum of $575 in fundraising and/or personal monetary donation between April 1st and March 31st in a calendar year. Of the $575, a minimum of $50 credit (not face value of purchase) must be earned from SCRIP and/or eSCRIP purchases. Any unmet balance on March 31st in the current calendar year, will be due at that time. Parents reach our requirement of $575 by actively participating in fundraising activities offered by the school.

Parent Hours: Since every family shares in the substantial benefits from the proceeds of our  Catholic School’s family fundraising activities, all must share equally in the labors necessary to assure their profitable operation. Parents are required to participate in a minimum of 25 volunteer hours for the St. Mary community. Each family completes 5 hours of service to St. Mary’s church and 20 hours of service to the school for a total of 25 hours. If you are not Catholic and do not feel comfortable completing service to the church, you may serve all 25 hours for the school. Each family is responsible for tracking their own ‘parent’ hours and recording them in SchoolSpeak. Failure to fulfill the 25 ‘parent’ hour service minimum OR TO RECORD THEM ON SCHOOLSPEAK BY MARCH 31st will result in a supplemental registration fee of $400. Hours are counted from April 1st to March 31st in a calendar year.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

-Booker T. Washington

Our students need you. There is no other way to say it. They have one chance to receive a quality, foundational Catholic elementary education, and they trust us to deliver. Our children benefit from the programs we offer, but amidst the explosion of COVID-19 expenses, these programs could benefit greatly from your support. We are at a place in history we’ve never experienced before, and our children urgently need your help. No donation is too small. Please help our students – won’t you take a moment right now to click the button below and be part of the love our children need? No one regrets giving, and every gift makes a difference.


About our Annual Fund

Annual Fund giving is a financial priority for our school.  It is an opportunity for donors to help make a difference in the future of St. Mary School. Gifts are unrestricted and added to the school’s budget to meet current operating expenses, to enhance the programs and services offered to students, and to maintain the school buildings. The Annual Fund offsets the difference between tuition and the cost to educate each student. St. Mary School does not receive a subsidy from either the parish or the Diocese of Sacramento.  Your gift will go far, please give in any amount today.

For gifts in memoriam or in honor of a loved one, we ask that you send your intentions directly to the school for processing. You may contact St. Mary School for assistance at (916) 452-1100 or


Planned Giving to benefit future children of St. Mary School

Would you ever consider including St. Mary School in your long-term plans through a bequest or some other planned giving arrangement? Is this something you would like to explore? Let’s talk. Planned Giving may include Bequests, Beneficiary Designations, Life Insurance, IRAs and other qualified plans, charitable Gift Annuity, Trusts, and property. Leave a legacy through Planned Giving. Contact us today at (916) 452-1100 or info@saintmaryschool so we can plan together for the future children of St. Mary School.


Gifts in Memoriam: Donations in honor or in memory of a loved one are accepted and acknowledged with a letter and card sent to the honoree. Tributes will be listed in the annual Year-In-review publication.

SCRIP earnings have the potential to cover a myriad of expenses for St. Mary School, lessening the burden on our fundraising activities. It is the easiest way to earn your family’s financial credit. PRO TIP: Begin early in the school year and encourage family members to sign up! You have zero expense over and above what you decide to purchase. There is a SCRIP version for everyone – physical gift cards, reloadable, and virtual via the app. We have a SCRIP Coordinator who will answer any questions and help you through the set-up process. Contact the front office for more information at (916) 452-1100 or

How it works: Use for your normal purchases and help support St. Mary School.  A percentage of your purchase goes to support St. Mary School fundraising efforts.

St. Mary School Enrollment Code  DC4C6C431L336.


Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is an easy way to earn income for our school! You shop. Amazon gives. Though earnings cannot be tracked for financial credit, the earnings our school receives ultimately helps our students long-term. When you shop at, Amazon donates a percentage of your purchases to St. Mary School. Please designate St. Mary School as your charity of choice and “support” our school!