Reunification Information

St. Mary Student / Parent Reunification Information


In some emergency situations, the school will require parents to pick up students in a formalized, controlled release. The process of this release is called a reunification and may be necessary due to weather, power outage, hazmat or other emergency. In the event of criminal activity, injury or death, additional time for release may be needed in order to accommodate law enforcement investigation. Reunification is a process that protects the safety of the student and provides accountability in releasing a student to an authorized parent or guardian. Since a reunification is not a typical end of school day event, a reunification may occur at a different location or even at another off campus site.

We understand that parents will be concerned for the welfare of their child/children.  Please be assured that your child/children are being well taken care of by trained staff while they are awaiting reunification. St. Mary School personnel will work as quickly as possible to reunify you with your child/children.

The school will use any of the following forms of notification, depending on the situation:

  • The automated alert system (info sent via text, email or phone call) Schoolspeak
  • Direct phone calls from staff as applicable
  • School email, local TV or Radio
  • Information posted on our website www.saintmaryschool.com
  • Parent Response

When a parent is notified of a controlled release and that reunification is needed,

the following will likely occur:

  • Traffic jams, emergency vehicles and road blockages around the school and local highways.
  • Phone lines directly to the school will be overwhelmed and may not be quickly responded to.
  • A crisis event that impacts St. Mary School has the potential to also impact St. Francis High School, Phoebe Hearst and Sac State students. In the event our students need to leave the campus quickly, they have been told to go to East Portal, down Janey Way or the Panda Express Shopping Center and wait for a staff person in one of those locations so that we know where to look for students should they need to exit quickly in a less orderly fashion.   Our primary, most ideal reunification center, however, will still be St. Francis High School.  It is imperative though that you check the relocation site from the correspondence that was sent to you as the site may have changed.
  • Parents will be notified of a designated site from which to pick up your students. Students will not be allowed to leave from any other area.
  • All students must be accounted for and released via the St. Mary School reunification process. Please do not ask your student to circumvent the process, run from personnel, jump a fence etc. This will just delay your students release and may cause additional law enforcement issues.
  • Parents will be directed to a reunification check-in area.
  • Lines will be formed based on the first letter of the student’s last name.
  • While in line, parents or emergency pick up designee will be required to show ID
  • Only parents and individuals indicated on student emergency contact forms will be allowed to sign out students during reunification.
  • Bring identification (this will streamline the release during reunification).
  • Reunification may be a lengthy detailed process that protects both the safety of the student and the accountability of change of custody from school to a recognized parent or guardian.
  • What if parents can’t pick up their student?

When a parent can’t respond to the reunification site, students will only be released to individuals previously identified on the student’s emergency contact form. Otherwise, the school will hold students until parents can pick up their student. Please keep this information accurate and updated, including emergency contacts and cell phone numbers and cell phone carriers.

Questions may be directed to Ms. Laura Allen at lallen@saintmaryschool.com or St. Mary School Counselor and Safety Manager, Mrs. Michelle Timm at mtimm@saintmaryschool.com