Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum

The Education in Virtues guide us and are incorporated into all levels of curriculum.

TK (Transitional Kindergarten)

Building the Foundation for Success


About Our TK Program:

Serving as a bridge between Preschool and Kindergarten, our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program offers a valuable opportunity for your child to develop fundamental skills essential for success in a supportive and engaging environment.


Key Focus Areas:

Independence and Responsibility: Learn to be independent, share, and follow class rules. Develop responsibility through various tasks and activities.

Religious Education: Explore Catholic Faith during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Learn prayers and participate in Mass once a month.

Language Arts and Reading: Recognize and read common words and sight words. Learn alphabet letters, sounds, and word association. Identify authors, make predictions, and understand story elements.

Math: Develop numerical understanding and counting skills. Introduce addition and subtraction concepts. Explore sorting, classifying, shapes, patterns, graphs, and telling time.

Science: Explore the five senses and properties of matter. Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, frog, and plants. Recognize seasons and describe daily weather conditions.

Spanish Language: Develop vocabulary and key phrases. Learn through singing, dancing, role-playing, and crafts. Explore cultural differences and traditions in Spanish-speaking countries.

Social Studies: Understand the concept of good citizenship. Study historical figures and events. Explore geography and map reading. Learn about American symbols and the election system.

Physical Education (PE): Encourage physical activity for joy and self-discovery. Provide a supportive environment for success and achievement.

Art: Explore various art mediums and techniques. Foster imagination and creativity through hands-on projects.

Music: Introduce the joy of music through singing, rhythm, basic notation and liturgy. Learn about musical instruments and their sounds.


How Parents Can Get Involved:

  • Collaborate with teachers to achieve learning goals.
  • Attend school events and participate in your child’s education journey.


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