From the moment I walked through the door to St. Mary School in Sacramento it felt like home. We have been at St. Mary for 8 years and truly feel that they have given both my kids a strong foundation in both school and life. Although academics are important to me and St. Mary School does a great job, I also feel strongly about teaching them to be good people. St. Mary is unparalleled when it comes to that. We are a big family and have developed amazing relationships with so many families there. Throughout the school year there are several events to help bring families together and allow both students and parents to enjoy their time together. Sending our kids to St. Mary School was one of the best decisions we made for them early on. If you are thinking about sending your child there DO IT! You will not regret your decision.

IOur family has been at St. Mary (off & on) for over 20 years. Some things have changed but outstanding education, dedication of teachers to our children and the supportive community have not. If you want to be surrounded by great families and people who care about your children, this is the school for you.

St. Mary School goes above and beyond! The community is welcoming, kind and generous! The staff and teachers are exceptional! I feel that the principal, staff and teachers are truly passionate about their vision, mission and purpose and they are 💯% invested in our children and their future! My background is in school psychology and I personally feel that St. Mary’s vibe and climate is top notch! It’s empowering, academic and it’s welcoming! The bottom line is the staff cares and they believe that our children will succeed! Trust me, you don’t feel this everywhere. Every school has a climate which is either welcoming, kind, and supportive or not. Here at St. Mary’s they focus on teaching the virtues to our children and everyone I have met at the school is a great role model! The staff, children and students are so kind and always go above and beyond! They also foster a love of learning which is reflected in student’s academic scores on state wide tests. I am truly grateful that my children are receiving such a wonderful education!

It was the synergy of the faith community at St. Mary School and St. Mary Parish that first attracted us to the school. That vibrant faith remains, and our family is blessed to serve in some of the roles that continue to bring the school and church together. But we're equally impressed with the myriad of opportunities St. Mary School offers to its students across all grade levels, aptitudes, and interests. From a robust faith-based curriculum across all subjects, to classroom instruction in music, art, and physical education; from extracurricular instrumental and choir groups, to every Parochial Athletic League sport at every level for both boys and girls; from before and after school care, to a variety of clubs sure to pique students' interests; from academic teams and competitions, to leadership opportunities...St. Mary School has something for everyone! Students graduate from St. Mary School exceptionally well-prepared for their high school experience. And with devoted and caring faculty and staff, and a community of committed families, we feel certain that St. Mary School is well-poised to uphold its long tradition of excellence.

What I love about St. Mary School? There is something for every student (and parent!): STEM program; music program; extra-curricular activities which encompass practically any interest a student may have; excellent safety, security, and an emergency plan for a safe and secure campus; state-of-the-art science lab, library, and beautiful art and music rooms; a robust sports program the students thoroughly enjoy; a great sense of community with a multitude of fun events to encourage opportunities for families to become acquainted; a strong resource program to meet the individual needs of all students; and last but certainly not least, a faith-based education in virtues to instill the highest morals, values and success in every student. We have two older children who graduated, and one now in first grade who began in preschool, so we have experienced St. Mary School from many different angles. We couldn't be happier with our choice of Catholic education for our children in this wonderful school community.

St. Mary's has some of the hardest working staff that pay attention to details involving every student. Not just with education but with forming a comprehensive love and understanding of their faith.

My experience with St. Mary couldn't have come at a better time in my life. As a widow with two small children and a full time job, I cannot survive without the help of my community and kids school. We were in public school for one year, and the lack of support from anyone but my oldest childs teacher was absolutely lacking. There was no community... there was no sense of belonging. Families and friends my daughter made put me in a position where I had to explain situations that no kindergarten kid should have to learn. So, there was a need for change... When I initially prayed about what to do regarding their education, the answer became clear. As an only parent, there's nothing better than knowing the school I am sending my kids to is supporting everything I believe in as a parent and as a follower of Jesus. I need my daughters to be somewhere all day where the things I teach them at home are being reinforced and encouraged. I simply do not have the bandwidth to battle a different way of life that I saw in the public school system. There's nothing more beautiful than having a teacher or admin tell me that they are praying for me and my family... or to have my daughter come home and ask about scripture she learned that day AT SCHOOL. There's nothing better than hearing my 6 year old passionately tell me that littering isn't being a good steward of God's earth, or that the reason she's listening to me is because she knows God put me in charge of her and she has to practice obedience!! These were NOT the conversations I had with my kids while attending public school....to say the least. Having my kids somewhere aligned with my tenants of faith and the importance I place on virtue was one of the best choices I have ever made for them, and for me. Not only are the teachers wonderful, but the administration team has been nothing but a blessing in my life. I especially give a major shout out to Principal DaRosa whose words of encouragement have stayed with me since the day we met, and the Guidance Counselor Mrs.Timm who meets with my oldest child especially when she's struggling mentally or emotionally surrounding the death of her father. I cannot say enough good things about the support I have received as a parent, as a mother, and as the spiritual leader in my home. I am so grateful.

We are new in 2021, but so far the content I see coming out of this school is wonderful -- so organized, well-rounded, balanced, focused on the child. The variety of subjects taught makes us thankful we chose this school. As parents we have easy access to everything. The religious foundation only cements the fact that we made the right decision for our family.

Selecting The Right School

The most important life-decisions for your son or daughter.  We’re here to support and provide answers to the questions you or your student might have about St. Mary School.  Together with you, we will make the most of this journey. The best way to know if St. Mary School is the right fit for you is to visit our gorgeous campus in the heart of East Sacramento. Plan a visit to St. Mary School and listen to the testimonials of our parents.