From the moment I walked through the door to St. Mary School in Sacramento it felt like home. We have been at St. Mary for 8 years and truly feel that they have given both my kids a strong foundation in both school and life. Although academics are important to me and St. Mary School does a great job, I also feel strongly about teaching them to be good people. St. Mary is unparalleled when it comes to that. We are a big family and have developed amazing relationships with so many families there. Throughout the school year there are several events to help bring families together and allow both students and parents to enjoy their time together. Sending our kids to St. Mary School was one of the best decisions we made for them early on. If you are thinking about sending your child there DO IT! You will not regret your decision.

Danielle Chavez

I am so impressed with the teachers and staff of St Mary School!! These teachers had online learning set up the very first day of the shelter-in-place. They are changing their lesson plans to accommodate distance learning. They are Zooming and Google Classrooming like their lives depend on it!! I could not be more thankful for this school, this community, this leadership. This is so hard in so many ways but seeing all of their faces on Zoom was like a boost of positive energy for all of us. Thank you so much to all of the teachers and staff for making this happen and being there for our kids.

Darcie Patock

Some good to share with your staff – Dusty and I went to a birthday parade for friends in our neighborhood and we all stopped and hung out on the lawn/street for a short time, 6ft!! All parents from nearby Catholic schools… Most were concerned and disappointed with the distance learning experience going on with their kids and their schools, and the lack of help teachers were giving – even not giving work at all. No Zooms, etc. or very little. I spoke up and said SMS has done a wonderful job of daily Zooms, teacher availability, Resource teacher reaching out to kids needing extra help, working long hours, etc. They all said “Yes, we have heard how great SMS has been with this. Kids are actually learning.“ Dads were telling Dusty in separate conversations what a good school SMS was with holding kids accountable but being sensitive to the situation at the same time. And checking work. They are learning. It was well-known how awesome you guys are doing. We were so happy and proud of SMS as we left the gathering. Well done, staff!

Elizabeth Haeling

It was the synergy of the faith community at St. Mary School and St. Mary Parish that first attracted us to the school. That vibrant faith remains, and our family is blessed to serve in some of the roles that continue to bring the school and church together. But we're equally impressed with the myriad of opportunities St. Mary School offers to its students across all grade levels, aptitudes, and interests. From a robust faith-based curriculum across all subjects, to classroom instruction in music, art, and physical education; from extracurricular instrumental and choir groups, to every Parochial Athletic League sport at every level for both boys and girls; from before and after school care, to a variety of clubs sure to pique students' interests; from academic teams and competitions, to leadership opportunities...St. Mary School has something for everyone! Students graduate from St. Mary School exceptionally well-prepared for their high school experience. And with devoted and caring faculty and staff, and a community of committed families, we feel certain that St. Mary School is well-poised to uphold its long tradition of excellence.

Colonel Christopher C. Conlin (USMC, Retired) & Dr. Ava Marie S. Conlin

What I love about St. Mary School? There is something for every student (and parent!): STEM programs; comprehensive music program; extra-curricular activities which encompass practically any interest a student may have; excellent safety, security, and an emergency plan for a safe and secure campus; science lab, library, and art and music rooms; a robust sports program the students thoroughly enjoy; a great sense of community with a multitude of fun events to encourage opportunities for families to become acquainted; a strong resource program to meet the individual needs of all students; and last but certainly not least, a faith-based education in virtues to instill the highest morals, values and success in every student.

Aprille Girardot

St. Mary's has some of the hardest working staff that pay attention to details involving every student. Not just with education but with forming a comprehensive love and understanding of their faith.

Danielle Muller

Selecting The Right School

The most important life-decisions for your son or daughter.  We’re here to support and provide answers to the questions you or your student might have about St. Mary School.  Together with you, we will make the most of this journey. The best way to know if St. Mary School is the right fit for you is to visit our gorgeous campus in the heart of East Sacramento. Plan a visit to St. Mary School and listen to the testimonials of our parents.