Preschool, 6/18/18 – “I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how happy we are with St. Mary Preschool. While it’s only been a week and a half, the changes we are seeing in our sons demeanor, overall outlook, and daily routines were nearly immediate and overwhelmingly positive. The interactions with the preschool staff have been fantastic, and those in the front office as well as the teachers and other families we’ve interacted with on campus have really shown us how warm and welcoming of an environment exists at St. Mary and we’re ‘so’ happy that our son is a part of it.”   – George Corona



Our second graders have things to say…

  • “I like Saint Mary’s School because it is a big and friendly school and I like my teachers and my friends and I like recess.”  –  J. 
  • “What I like about Saint Mary School is that we learn a lot about God. I also like how we donate food, water and clothing to Loaves and Fishes.  I like all of my teachers and Friends at school!”   – S.   
  • “I like saint Mary School because it is the most kind school in the world.”  – S.  
  • “I like Saint Mary School! Because it’s so much fun!  Did you have fun in school did you have friends in school when you were a kid. I hope so!!”   – H.  
  • “I like Saint Mary School because my friends are encouraging and kind and intelligent especially athletic and fast and they are very religious.”  – O.   

More from the kids …

  • “What I like about St. Mary’s School is little dribblers because I like to play basketball.” – Y.  4th Grade
  • “I like St. Mary’s because of its friendly environment to everyone here.” – L.  4th Grade
  • ” I like St. Mary’s School because everybody is understanding and kind.” – G. 4th Grade
  • ” One thing I like about St. Mary School is my friends because they are kind and fun and math class.” – W.   4th Grade
  • “What I like about St. Mary is Miss Allen.” – G. 4th Grade
  • “I love St. Mary’s School, because there are many fun sports and activities like pj day, casual dress day, etc. that I can do. I also love St. Mary’s School, because there are many great teachers and I have learned many things.”  – C.   6th Grade
  • “I love St. Mary School because it has good teachers, education, and an awesome campus.” – R.    6th Grade
  • “I love Saint Mary because it gives me an opportunity to grow in my father.  At a public school, I wouldn’t have any religion included in my education.  Just yesterday, January 29, I went to a Religious Decathlon.  I would never have that at a public school!”  –  C.   6th Grade
  • “I love St. Mary because everyone is so kind to one another. The school feels very safe and I am always comfortable when I am on campus.”  –  M.   6th Grade



Selecting the right school can be one of the most important life-decisions for your son or daughter.  We’re here to support and provide answers to the questions you or your student might have about St. Mary School.  Together with you, we will make the most of this journey. The best way to know if St. Mary School is the right fit for you is to visit our gorgeous campus in the heart of East Sacramento. Plan a visit to St. Mary School and listen to the testimonials of our parents.