Clubs and Leadership

Leadership Academy for Grades 1 to 4

Band (Gr. 3 - 4)Mr. HolowatyWednesday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
BatonMrs. MullerTuesday7:00 AMCafeteria$135/quarter
Brown Bag Book ClubMrs. DaRosa and Mrs. FrascaThursday12:05 - 12:30 PMLibraryFree
Chess ClubMr. Mayer Tuesday12:00 PM after LunchCafeteriaFree
ChoirMr. HolowatyThursday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
Guitar (Gr. 3 - 4)Mr. HolowatyMonday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
Hip HopMrs. ApplewhiteWednesday3:15 PMCafetaria$45/month
Orchestra (Gr. 3 - 4)Mr. HolowatyTuesday7:15 AMMusic Room Free
Spanish ClubMrs. HernandezThursday3:15 PMFree

Leadership Academy for Grades 5-8

Altar ServerMr. Holowaty and
Mrs. Conlin
Monday - SundayTime variesChurchFree
Art ClubMs. Morell and
Mrs. DeVoe
Wednesday12:15 - 1:00 PMArt RoomFree
(Gr. 5 - 8)
Mr. HolowatyWednesday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
BatonMrs. MullerThursday7:15 AMCafeteria$135/quarter
Brown Bag Book ClubMrs. FoleyThursday12:35 PMLibraryFree
Chess ClubMr. Mayer Monday12:30 PM after lunchCafeteriaFree
ChoirMr. HolowatyThursday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
(Gr. 5 - 8)
Mr. HolowatyMonday7:15 AMMusic RoomFree
Hip Hop
(Gr. 5 - 6)
Mrs. ApplewhiteWednesday3:15 PMCafetaria$45/month
Math ClubMrs. ThomasMonday - Thursday3:15 PMFree
Ministry ClubMiss CameronMonday3:15 PMChapelFree
Newspaper ClubMrs. DiazMonday12:30 PMFree
(Gr. 5 - 8)
Mr. HolowatyTuesday7:15 AMMusic Room Free
Parking ShepherdsMrs. DiazMonday - Friday7:45 AM5th Grade RoomFree
Peace ManagerMrs. TimmMonday - Friday12:00 PMPlaygroundFree
Peer TutoringMiss KoewlerMonday - Thursday3:15 PMFree
Poster ClubMs. BroughtonThursday7:30 AMFree
Recess ClubMs. EggerFriday10:00 AMFree
Spanish Culture ClubMrs. HernandezTuesday7:00 AM PMFree
(Gr. 5 - 6)
Mrs. MeirTBD3:00 - 5:00 PM Free
STEMMrs. FoleyTuesday - Thursday3:15 PMFree
Student AmbassadorsMrs. AllenFriday12:15 PMPrincipal's OfficeFree
Student CouncilMrs. EllisTuesday12:15LibraryFree
YearbookMrs. MullerTBDTBDTBDFree