Preschool Curriculum

Offering educational advantages to children that include helping to boost cognitive and motor development as well as enhancing social skills.All tuition is due on the 5th or 20th of the month and is deducted via FACTS Tuition Management.  There will be no refunds for tuition, registration fees, or any other fees incurred. Snacks are provided with all schedules. Tuition fees are based on a full year operating budget. The tuition payment is to reserve your child’s place at the center and must be paid whether or not your child is in attendance. We do not allow make-up days or give credit for any time missed due to illness, holidays, vacations, and staff in-service days.

St. Mary Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Preschool will be closed on all major holidays as outlined in the Preschool Handbook. In addition to these holidays, it may be necessary to be closed for staff in-service days and building maintenance, which are subject to change. The preschool director will provide advance notification of these days as they occur. Withdrawal is permitted at any time with a two-week written notice. If no written notice is provided, tuition will be charged as usual.

For questions regarding our Preschool, contact Preschool Director Christina Lopez at [email protected]

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Busy Bee Monthly Concepts

Busy Bee Monthly Concepts
 Fine Motors/LettersScienceReligionArt/PatternsMath Numbers/Shapes
August  Welcome To School   Correct Pencil Grip and  Scissor  Safety/Finger Placement      Observing with sight, smell, taste, touch and sound Jesus Welcomes The ChildrenColor Red    Straight Lines      Top, Middle, Bottom                                                                                                                                                                
September DinosaursIdentifies Name               L   F   E  H      Cutting  Lines Observing with sight, smell, taste, touch and sound    God Made This World          AB Pattern     Color Yellow           Color Blue   Watercolors   Counting objects 1-10   Circles  Squares    Numbers 1 2 3 
October  Fall HarvestTraces Name  Letters                    T I U                 Cutting SquaresComparing         Same /Different Opposites  All Saints  Color Orange           Color Black Crayon Rubbing       Before, After Between Rectangles Triangles    Numbers 5 6 7
November      I am Grateful Letters C O Q  Cutting TrapezoidsSorting My Family Cares for Me          Color Green                     Color Brown              Q-tip PaintingInside/Outside  Oval          Numbers 8 9
December Jesus Is the Reason    Letter G and  Letter Review,  Cutting Triangles Lager/Smaller Use a Ruler                       Use a Scale     Getting Ready for Christmas           ABB Pattern Color Purple   Tearing     Squares  Rhombus  Number 10
January Winter WonderlandTraces Name Letters S J D Curves      Cutting Zig Zags  Journals  and Graphs              I am a Friend of Jesus                        ABB Pattern   Color White         Color Pink       Pentagon Trapezoid Review Numbers 1-5
February    ZooLetters  P B R  Diagonal Lines              Cutting  CurvesInferring using gathered and organized information  We Love God More & MoreColor Gray      Primary Colors Finger Painting         Octagon  Review Numbers 6-10
March Awesome AuthorsLetters K A V M Cutting CirclesPredicting         God Always Loves Us                              ABC Pattern Secondary Colors Review Shapes Recognizing and Writing       1-10  
April SpringtimeTraces Last Name         Letters N X Y Z    Experimenting with Plants using all the science concepts  We Are KindReview        Colors,  Patterns & Shapes Numbers 11-14
May       Loving Our PlanetTraces Last Name          Letter Review Experimenting with Gravity  Water  Dirt    I Help Take Care of the World                3-D ArtNumbers 15-18