Letter From the Principal

Welcome to St. Mary School!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are first and foremost a Catholic school rooted in fostering a strong Catholic identity and academic excellence.  

St. Mary School was founded in 1955 with a dedicated commitment from the parishioners of our parish. Throughout the years, we have maintained a steadfast pledge to the development of the whole child. We believe each student is blessed with a variety of gifts and talents from God, and together, parents and educators are tasked with ensuring there are opportunities for each student to determine what gifts they have and can develop. Personally, I believe providing these experiences and opportunities to our students is integral to what makes St. Mary School stand out.

Our academic curriculum is structured to challenge students and ensure they are well-prepared for high school. Our teachers share in the responsibility of using differentiated instruction at every grade level to meet the individual needs of their students. Our Learning Center staff provides assistance to students requiring additional academic support. Our graduates are prepared to meet the challenges at their high school of choice.

St. Mary School offers many opportunities for students to find their passion, including athletics, academic competitions, annual travel programs, formal art classes, integrated music classes, choir, drama, baton, Student Council, and other experiences unique to our school. Our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) encourage children to become life-long learners, developing care for self and others.

A strong Catholic faith identity is at the heart of St. Mary School. This is what sets us apart from many schools and brings us together as a community of faith. Our religion curriculum includes an integrated approach to learning faith throughout the daily school experience, with opportunities to celebrate the sacraments and participate in community service projects.

I invite you to browse our website to learn more about what makes our school an excellent choice for your family, and I welcome your questions. Please call me at 916-452-1100, or email me at [email protected] to arrange a tour, so you can see firsthand what we offer on our beautiful campus. 

Mary Avila-DaRosa