Just getting started with the SCRIP Program?

Try this link to help you navigate the details.

It will take a short time before you are fully connected to the benefits.

To begin, click on the logo above or go to

Here is what you need to know once you get to

Click ‘Get Started’

Click ‘Join Your Existing Program’

Enter Enrollment Code 762L7E5D1L336 then ‘Register’

Create a username and password, and enter your account information;

click ‘Register’

You are now registered and will receive an email confirmation.

To Log In

Log in using your username and password

In the dropdown at the top by your username, click ‘Account Settings’

Click ‘Family Functions’ on the left

Click ‘PrestoPay’; read all about it and click ‘Yes and I Agree’. 

Choose whether you want to instantly link your bank account on manually enter your banking information and follow the steps for each.

Click ‘Return to Dashboard’

Once your PrestoPay is set-up, click on ‘Shop’. You can shop by Categories, Card Type (Physical, Reload, ScripNow), Rebate%, denomination, or alphabetically.

Once you shop, go to your cart and select PrestoPay as your payment method, and click ‘Submit Order’.

You can always click on ‘Dashboard’ to View ScripNow, update your profile, see your Order history, and run reports of all your orders and rebates!

Enjoy using Scrip and earning money for St. Mary School!

QUESTIONS?  Contact our parent volunteer coordinator: Emily Silva at or 916-524-1033