Guidelines & Policies

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to regularly attend their classes.  In order for your child to receive the most benefit from each class, it is important that he/she attend each class period.  Class tuition will not be pro-rated due to time missed.  Attendance will be taken in order to be aware of the whereabouts of all students, and parents will be contacted if a student is absent and the office has not been notified prior to the absence.  All students must be a registered summer school student in order to participate in our program and activities.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner while attending Summer School and Extension.  If a child’s behavior interferes with the program, expulsion from the program is a possible consequence.  There will be no refunds given in this event. 

The following items are not permitted at Summer School or Extension:

  • Cell phones (If students are required to carry one for emergencies, they must be checked in at the front office upon arrival)
  • Hand held technology of any sort, unless specified for a class
  • Smart watches
  • Skate shoes
  • Anything considered to be a weapon

Dress Code

Students may wear summer clothing with closed-toe shoes (for safety purposes).  Shorts should be worn no higher than above the knee and shirts are to completely cover the midsection.  Please refrain from any clothing labeled with suggestive expressions or words.  Please keep in mind that while our Summer School program is open to all children in the community, we are a Catholic school and many young children attend our program. 


Darling Catering will be providing lunch and snack bar services during the summer school session. Our team has been providing lunches at St. Mary’s school for the past 20 years. We will be providing the same lunch menu options that we serve during the school year. Additionally, all lunches come with a self-service salad bar and fresh fruit. We will also be providing snacks during morning and lunch breaks. There will be an assortment of filling and healthy breakfast and snack options between $0.50 and $1.50. Please have your children stop by and see what we offer.

For ordering, please submit the appropriate menus (Session 1:  Session 2: ) for each summer school session. Menus will be accepted through the first day of each summer school session. If your child needs a lunch on a particular day, which they have not signed up for, please have them let the office know or stop by the cafeteria and pay for it that day. Same day lunch is $6.00.

We look forward to serving your children this summer!

Warm Regards,

Darling Catering

Refunds and Accounts

There will be no refunds for added or dropped classes after the first two days of each session.  Students may add classes in the first two days of a session at the full tuition rate.  There will be no pro-rating, for any reason, due to missed classes.  Registration fees and class material fees are non-refundable. 

All refunds will be received at the end of each session. 

All balances are due by May 31, 2019 or at time of registration.  For all unpaid balances, families will be notified. If you are unable to meet the payment schedule, please contact Aprille Girardot for payment schedule options.  All students with unpaid balances will not be permitted to continue with classes or Extension services until balances are paid. Beginning June 7, 2019, a $25.00 a day late fee may be assessed to the account until arrangements are made or the account is paid.  Any unpaid fees after July 12, 2019 will be subject to collections.

Theme Weeks

Each week of Summer School will feature a different theme to add another element of fun to our summer program!  We will provide various activities throughout the weeks related to the theme.  You can pick up a calendar of events in the front office during Summer School. 

Session 1: Color Challenge

                                Each student will be assigned a color team: Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue. Teams will compete for points

in a variety of cooperative activities, from building the tallest pasta tower to a 9-legged relay race. All participants earn points for their teams and prizes will be awarded to winning teams.

Session 2: Theme Park 

                        Come to school as a tourist on a vacation to your favorite theme park. Get autographs from Disney,

Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter characters on campus. Enjoy carnival games and treats between classes!