Darling Catering will be providing lunch and snack bar services during the summer school session. Our team has been providing lunches at St. Mary’s school for the past 20 years. We will be providing the same lunch menu options that we serve during the school year. Additionally, all lunches come with a self-service salad bar and fresh fruit. We will also be providing snacks during morning and lunch breaks. There will be an assortment of filling and healthy breakfast and snack options between $0.50 and $1.50. Please have your children stop by and see what we offer.

For ordering, please submit the appropriate menus (Session 1:  Session 2: ) for each summer school session. Menus will be accepted through the first day of each summer school session. If your child needs a lunch on a particular day, which they have not signed up for, please have them let the office know or stop by the cafeteria and pay for it that day. Same day lunch is $6.00.

We look forward to serving your children this summer!

Warm Regards,

Darling Catering