Enrichment Center

The Enrichment Achievement Center is where STAR and assessments take place, where students receive enrichment, group reading classes are held, students receive individual support, and parents are provided an advocate for educational testing at their local school district. The EAS Department is located in the Enrichment Room on campus.

Students in grades TK-8 take the Renaissance STAR assessment four times a year. This is a formative assessment that helps guide teacher instruction, lesson planning, and student groupings for support and enrichment opportunities. STAR testing is four times a year. It tests reading and mathematical proficiency. Testing takes place in the Enrichment Room and all results are shared with administration, teachers, and parents.

It is the responsibility of the EAS Director to support student growth and achievement. This support is given through reading groups, one-to-one instruction, and coordination with teaching staff to meet student needs. Students in grades K-3 are placed in reading groups to ensure they are receiving reading instruction at their level. These groups are fluid and change many times over the course of a school year. The EAS Director works in partnership with the homeroom teachers to make sure every student is receiving the help and guidance they need to improve upon their reading skills.

The EAS Director is an advocate for parents, and for students who qualify with their local school districts with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or Individual Service Plan (ISP). The EAS Director helps facilitate necessary meetings with the school district and parents, works with parents on gathering the necessary paperwork that needs to be turned in, and attends meetings with parents as an advocate for our students. These students receive support in the Learning Center based on the recommendations made in their IEP or ISP.

The EAS Director works in partnership with the principal and the school counselor to ensure the needs of the whole child – social, emotional, and academic – are being met at school. Our Team meets often to discuss the needs of students, parents, and teachers. The EAS Director will also coordinate Student Success Team (SST) meetings, which bring students, teachers, parents, and administration together to work towards supporting the needs of the student’s growth.

The EAS Department was established to ensure the needs of all students are being met. The EAS Director works diligently to support students, parents, and the staff of St. Mary School.