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Discover Catholic Schools Week

Welcome to Discover Catholic Schools Week!

Keep watch on our Facebook and Instagram pages throughout each day to discover how St. Mary School honors these tributes to the DCSW theme: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Community. Growth.” DCSW precedes Catholic Schools Week in January, introducing the different parts of our school which work together to build our beloved community.

We hope you enjoy learning more about St. Mary School during Discover Catholic Schools Week!

Sunday: Our Faith Community

DISCOVER Our Faith Community…
St. Mary’s Church – an iconic and visible landmark in East Sacramento, thanks to the copper-topped bell tower – is in its 114th year and has a rich history which you can learn more about at the link below. You can also watch Mass with Fr. Davy from this morning on one of the live-streamed links from the home page. All Masses are archived, so no matter what life throws your way, you can still “attend” Mass daily💒
Today’s Mass featured Principal Mary DaRosa presenting Discover Catholic Schools Week. Tune in for our school’s virtual tour video at the end of Mass.
DISCOVER Our Faith Community…
If you find yourself in need of some divine inspiration, the St. Mary’s Church website posts and archives weekly Mass bulletins at Today’s bulletin is in the attached images. Parishioners and our school community alike benefit from the extensive readings and teachings. We are proud of our church bulletin, and we marvel at all the love and time put into it each and every week.

Monday: Our Outstanding Students

DISCOVER Our Outstanding Students… Our Student Body Officers treated everyone to a PJ and Donut Day recently, and students sure felt the sweet and warm fuzzy love!

DISCOVER Our Outstanding Students… The last day of Teacher Parent Conference week, students enjoyed a Black and Orange Day before Halloween. It was a fun reward for our on-campus students and remote learners, and all they had accomplished during their First Term!

DISCOVER Our Outstanding Students… Two of our students on the feeling of being back on campus for in-person instruction. We love how they’ve articulated their feelings💙💛

Tuesday: Our Academic Excellence

DISCOVER Our Academic Excellence… St. Mary School is transparent about our curriculum and annual academic performance. We post our school’s Report Card and extensive curriculum descriptions on our website. Navigate through the photos here to see our Report Card from 2019. We take pride in our teachers and students and all they accomplish each year to maintain the standards of excellence in Catholic education.
DISCOVER Our Academic Excellence…The teachers and instructional aides exemplify the Academic Excellence of St. Mary School. Just reading through their bios on our website showcases the combined rich history, experience, and passions our students are exposed to every day.

Wednesday: Our Accomplished Alumni
Thursday: Our Dedicated Parents
Friday: Our Gracious Supporters
Saturday: Our Legacy