Brown Bag Book Club

(Grades 1 – 4)

Book Club members will:
● Model positive reading behavior and show that they value books.
● Connect passionate readers from different grade levels.
● Have an opportunity to practice public speaking and engage in
respectful discussion.

Moderator: Ms. Broughton

Club members  meet every Monday during the day from 12:05 to 12:30 in the third grade room beginning in the month of September. The club will host 16-20 members. In order to offer the opportunity to all students the club will operate on a semester schedule and open up to new club members upon return from Christmas break in January.

Three literary pieces will be read. The first piece is selected by the moderators and two pieces will be selected by the club members.
Additional activities will also be offered such as creating book marks, personalized notebooks and creating Mood Boards (a synopsis of the book) to be displayed in the library. The Mood Boards will be completed as a group for collaboration work at the end of each story.