Volunteers & Field Trip Drivers

Parental Requirements

Here is what we need on file:


  1. Fingerprints

If you haven’t been fingerprinted for the school, print out the form listed under the above link. Forms are also in the front office. It costs about $40 but you only need to do this once. Keep in mind, once fingerprinted, it takes a few days for your record to be published by the Department of Justice.


  1. Safe Haven (formerly Shield the Vulnerable)

Every three years, you need to be certified by learning from an online tutorial that takes about an hour. Be sure to print your certificate of completion and bring it to the front office.


  1. Volunteer Agreement Form

Sign it and bring it into the front office.


IF YOU ARE DRIVING (even if you are just driving your own student),

You need ALL of the above AND:


  1. Driver’s License

Bring a copy of your current driver’s license to the front office.


  1. Insurance

Bring a copy of your insurance “DECLARATIONS” page, which shows coverage amounts, to the front office. (The Sacramento Diocesan insurance requirement states that drivers must have liability limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence, $50,000 property damage, $100,000 uninsured motorists, and minimum medical coverage of $5,000).  If you don’t have the proper coverage, you can purchase it “for the day” for around $10.


  1. Diocesan Verification of Insurance Form

Also found under “Forms” on the school website, complete this and bring it to the front office. You will want to bring an updated copy into the office anytime a) there is a change to your insurance, b) you switch providers or c) you purchase a new car. Note that this is not a family form – each individual should fill this out if they want to drive.


LAST NOTE – Remember, many insurance policies expire every six months…lots of things expire every few years! So set reminders to update the school regularly – and when you are ready to volunteer, you’re all set!


Thank you for all the time and effort you give towards St. Mary School!