It begins when our Kindergartners are introduced to the fundamental building blocks in Art: color, shape, line, value, form and pattern through what we see in nature, the seasons, through stories and through working with materials such as paint, chalk, clay, paper and more. It is a great year of exploring and getting our fingers and hands to begin to work in the creation of our art.  A further strengthening of motor skills is practiced  through very imaginative representations of stories both learned as well as created.  Students will be expanding vocabulary and putting into practice concepts: overlapping, 2-d/3-d, and contrast, creating art and practicing with a variety of materials: paper, cardboard, string, clay, paint and more. Students will explore how to see art in nature as we look at God’s masterpieces through examples of other artists’ work as well as in our own creations.

Our students will develop an understanding of mood in storytelling, basic forms of perspective, balance and symmetry, imaginary and surreal imagery while practicing the techniques of artists such as Seurat, Van Gogh, Chagall; they will learn styles of art using dots, rhythm of lines and creating imaginary surroundings using real images.